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Oct 17, 2012 4:00pm EDT
and the kitchen table. the head of kroger will join me in an exclusive in amen. find out if he sees higher prices for food on the horizon. how did i get here? dumb luck? or good decisions? ones i've made. ones we've all made. about marriage. children. money. about tomorrow. here's to good decisions. who matters most to you says the most about you. massmutual is owned by our policyholders so they matter most to us. massmutual. we'll help you get there. if we want to improve our schools... ... what should we invest in? maybe new buildings? what about updated equipment? they can help, but recent research shows... ... nothing transforms schools like investing in advanced teacher education. let's build a strong foundation. let's invest in our teachers so they can inspire our students. let's solve this. >>> welcome back. how big of a drag was ibm on the entire dow jones industrial average today because of disappointing sales? well, the stock down 5% on ibm. it was actually pretty amazing given the fact it had such influence on the whole market. over to seema. >> this is what you call a drag. ibm shares
Oct 16, 2012 2:00pm EDT
feeling vindy dated. he'll be on "mad money" tonight, by the way, with jim cramer. also kroger investors do something shopping there. >> kroger raised from hold to buy. analyst says it continues to gain market share. they add the valuation suggests investors will be vel rewarded. kroger has outperformed its competitors this year. >>> linkedin unveiling their brand new look today. stock up over 145% since its ipo in may of last year. joinings now is senior vp of products and user experience at linkedin. great to have you with us. how whether my user experience be better now? >> great to be here on "street signs." the way the user experience will be different with the new proceed file is you're going to be able to put your best professional foot forward and establish your professional brand on linked in through a very easy to see, easy to use visual branding. the second thing is you'll get a lot better insight market network and also from people you don't know. and you'll be able to broaden your reach with your network and connect with the appropriate people as a result of the new profile.
Oct 15, 2012 5:00pm PDT
mexico. they were sold these products at trader joe's whole foods, walmart, kroger, targ skbrit costco they say be tainted with salmonella. and fda is warning not to eat item as associated with sunland. go to abc 7 and look at the 7 on your side page. >> amazon customers who bought the kindel are getting great news. amazon is telling them they'll likely be getting money back on prior electronic purchases in part because of a pending settlement between e book publishers and the government. state attorneys general accused the companies ever conspiring to fix the price of the e books. the money will be for purchases between april, 2010, and may, 2012. customers will be able to choose between a cash payout or credit. before that can happen courts must approve this. that is not expectedded to happen until february. there are five accused. one is apple. apple and one other publisher has not settled three that have say they want to avoid the cost of a lawsuit. >> thank you. >> sure. >> a new study out of rice yufrd finds women use emoticons but men have a broader emoticon vo cab back
Oct 15, 2012 4:00am PDT
, starbucks, and bunn now make k- cups, as well as safeway and kroger. best buy is getting all matchy matchy. the electonics retailer has been losing sales as shoppers come into best buy stores armed with the internet on their smartphones, but leave empty-handed after finding the same item selling for less online. by matching prices online, best buy expects to improve its ability to close the deal with customers. however, there are some catches, including the retailer's possible refusal to match on all items. a new study reveals more employees call in sick - surprise - around the holidays. and the excuses range from creative to downright ridiculous. 34% of employees who take a sick day simply don't feel like going to work. others say they need a day to relax or go to the doctor. employers also reported the most "outside-the-box" excuses they have received: "suffering from a broken heart" and "sick from reading" were just a couple of the most memorable excuses. still to come, we have travel tips and tricks from someone in the know at travelzoo. that's later in the show. but first, it's week 2
Oct 22, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. kroger in the outlying suburbs. the interior sections of the eastern shore, frederick now down to 46 degrees. in western maryland these are relatively mild temperatures for this time of year. maybe a sprinkle of rain or too up in western pennsylvania and amounts of western maryland. the first high, thin clouds break east of the mountains for baltimore in the morning. 53 downtown, high pressure off the carolinas will be moving away from us and opening the door to mild air in the tennessee and ohio valley. 74 degrees in kansas city and 63 in chicago. cliveden right now at 67, unusually warm temperatures for this time of october. most of this week we stay on the warm side of assistance. partly cloudy skies in the morning to mostly cloudy at times. the cloud cover will hold down the temperature. the same thing on wednesday, a mix of clouds and sunshine with the potential to see temperatures pushing into the upper 70's. by thursday, we should see more sunshine and the temperature staying above normal. 73-78 tomorrow, southwest winds at 5 miles an hour. waves around 1 foot on the bay. it c
Oct 6, 2012 5:00am PDT
. >> reporter: walk down the aisles at kroger marketplace in mansfield, ohio, and you'll notice something a little different. just steps from the milk, sight and sounds -- oh, deep purple. fantastic. >> reporter: you don't usually find at a supermarket. basket full of groceries, linda and darrell are now considering some jeans. but not just any jeans. jeans that fit them perfectly. >> we're retired, so we have to watch our pennys, and if i watch -- food or clothing either one, i have to make my dollar stretch. >> reporter: pinch pennies, but not style. lucky for mom, though, picky isn't a problem with prices like these. >> we've got a 12-year-old and 13-year-old, so they find everything that's fashionable and fits our budget. >> reporter: kroger believes it won't just fit budgets and style, but also convenience. are customers going to come in here and buy a head of broccoli and maybe buy a new blouse? >> that's the idea. if they come in here needing produce and they think oh, by the way, my favorite blouse got a hole in it or my daughter is outgrowing her onsies, they can buy that, too. >
Oct 16, 2012 2:35am EDT
-mart, target, costco and kroger. be careful. >>> warning from the fda about tainted drugs from the massachusetts pharmacy. the agency says products at the pharmacy may also cause life threatening illnesses. the new warning involves a second steroid and products use ford heart and eye surgery. so far, 15 people have died of meningitis from a steroid linked to the pharmacy. >>> u.s. customs agents have seized a big shipment of halloween costumes from china that pose a danger to kids. the buttons on the pirate outfits contain 11 times the legal limit of lead. more than 1,300 of the costumes were en route to stores in the seattle area before they were targeted by agents. >> yeah, you go home end of the week. you realize you made a difference. you really made an impact. and you kept some child from getting sick. or some person's house from burning down. >> the costumes are worth $10 t they will all be destroyed. last year custom agents stopped 11,000 shipments of lead contaminated products. you heard the gentleman talking about the health effects. can poison developing brains, lead
Oct 30, 2012 7:00pm EDT
. kroger spoke with the cfo this morning when i was talking with squawk on the street and it looks like they had a good month of october. take a hard look at the union pacific csx cold plays because i think that is a safer way to play coal. we talked earlier in the show about the coal chart and how they looked better than expected back to you. >> well, you thought sandy was done with. it has turned into a blizzard in west virginia. we have dispatched janell klein in snowshoe, west virginia. >> reporter: hurricane sandy has dumped two feet of wet heavy snow. 26 inches in red house, maryland with a state weigwide blizzard warning. closing schools in 39 counties and leaving more than 300 people in the dark tonight. the blizzard has closed 45 miles of a major interstate between the border of west virginia and pennsylvania. with reports of three roof collapses, the worry now that heavy wet snow could cause more. fog and wind are making it slow and difficult for power crews to repair downed lines. repair workers are eager to see people hit the slopes. >> we break down the ugly truth about ins
Oct 1, 2012 5:30pm PDT
aisles at kroger, whole foods and target. investigators have traced the trouble to sunland incorporated, a peanut butter manufacturer in new mexico that sells products in grocery stores across the country. the list of recalled peanut butter products is 101 items long, and now includes nut butters made with almonds, cashews and sesame seeds. and it gets worse. companies like the oregon ice cream company and fairytale brownies, which used the recalled nut butter to make cookies and other baked goods, they're now recalling their products, too. >> people have been getting sick over the last month and because there is often a two-week delay or so in the reporting time, we expect to hear about cases for the next week or two. >> reporter: we should make clear that none of this affects moms who choose jif, skippy or other main brands. today, we talked with the managers at that peanut butter company in new mexico. they told us they test their product every half hour, that their peanut butter is safe and that the illnesses are a mystery. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> and you can find a fu
Oct 19, 2012 8:00pm PDT
a great friend named larry kroger. he predicted that barry zito would pitch 7 innings but if larry thinks that barry zito is going to go seven innings perhaps he could use of anesthesia. and i'm being driven home and we want to make sure that ryan was in on the discussion. >> i will call for brian the--how is the weather, brian? the game on the sunday. >> there is a storm coming and. the game at 130 will be fined. no rain but perhaps some clouds. the will be-find. pam however, with the novocain wearing of is that i wanted prion included on the shot. that is why i wanted-try and include on the shot that is why pm wanted. and there is more high-definition on us and older we both look. lov [laughter] but i thought that barry zito however while i was under the anesthesia leery kruger was exactly right. larry, congratulations. when we come back there is a big game with stanford and cal. beth with pam and brian coming up >> the bake camthe big game-cal- stanford tomorrow. >> it is a little bit strange. and it is obviously, a renowned rivalry and we will give each other our best shot. >> the gam
Oct 24, 2012 4:00am PDT
jewel-osco, save-a-lot and albertson's chains, and has struggled to compete against walmart and kroger. this week's earnings are a mixed package. 3m missed analysts' expectations, and its cfo has a "cautious outlook." dupont also missed the mark and is laying off 1,500 workers across the world. it also cut its 2012 profit outlook. meanwhile, the quarterly profit at ups matched estimates, but is lower than a year ago. the company is uncertain about the upcoming holiday season. ups execs are also concerned about the fiscal cliff talk on capitol hill. a well-known hedge fund operator is parking money in new york. john paulson of new york hedge fund paulson and company will donate 100 million dollars to the central park conservatory in new york city. paulson grew up in queens before graduating from harvard business school. still to come, why election season is having an effect on some travel prices. that's later on. but first, how to cool your spending on winter heating bills. that's next with bill moller. everybody knows, winter's a'comin', and no matter what part of the country you live
Oct 6, 2012 9:00am PDT
. >> interesting. we did reach out to both kroger even though sanny is filing this discrimination case against cronos. we reached out to the ones who designed the test. no callback. >> they can't call you back again? what's going on here. >> no comment. >> i always call you back. >> i appreciate that. >> we would call you back. >> we did in all fairness reach out to both and we wanted to hear their comments. let's move on to another case this is in new orleans. the justice department will tell federal judges that warrantless tracking of the location of americans mobile devices is legal. this sounds very familiar and we had another case that kind of put the cell phone tracking devices on the hot seat. so why does the justice department want to be able to track you from your phone, richard? >> well, fred, it's a great method to help solve crimes. i mean let's face it, if law enforcement can retrieve data that is supplied by your cell phone and get that information they can track you for a period of time. now they wanted it for 60 days. they said we should be entitled to do this without getting
Oct 16, 2012 1:00pm EDT
. let's start with kroger. upgrading to buy from hold. market share gains have accelerated. the firm raising it price target to 30 bucks. you like it? >> i do. they gain market share when competitors weren't. they used gasoline as a loss leader to get people in to the stores. but it's had two rallies. it rallied this morning and when they raised guidance. >> let's move on to wells fargo getting bullish on tobacco stocks. gn new port menthol volume growth up but not as feared. >> it's ironic we're talking about it today because in russia, they just talked about it. pays about 5.5% dividend. i'd look to sell some of the puts that expire in about a month. >> and let's move on to fossil. they see attractive risk reward. favorable currency. new brand product benefits to 2013. fossil's down 2% over the past year. >> i don't like it. it might do fine, but i'm not interested in it. but a watch, i'm not sure. it's the second thing you have on your body that's equipped for that task of telling time. cell phones. my kids don't wear watches anymore. and i know it doesn't need to be practical to
Oct 16, 2012 1:40am PDT
foods, walmart, target, kroger, and costco. barbara purchased her peanut butter before it was pulled from store shelves. she is still awaiting salmonella test results and is certain peanut butter got her sick and worries more are at risk. >> i have been feeding this peanut bitter butter to my dogs. i mean seriously this is a big deal. i mean my friend has six grand kids. she didn't know anything about it. >> reporter: you can find the list of recalled product on the fda website. meantime, sunland inc. closed down facilities during this investigation. rob, paula. >> thank you, brandi. get this, almost 2/3 of those who became ill were kids under age of 10 years old. having that impact on the very young. >> you think about who consumes the most amount of peanut butter. it's children. and i also consume a lot of peanut butter as well. this recall could cost the industry, not just sunland, sunland has 101 products involved roughly. but it could cost the industry billion dollars. >> wow, wow. be careful. the finger in the peanut butter, and be careful. >> you stick your finger in the jar?
Oct 30, 2012 9:00am EDT
in and buy the water. this has to be a great week for kroger. >> well, sales in the eastern part of our geography were certainly strong over the weekend. you do have a lull for a couple days for the event it self people aren't going out. they've obviously stocked up with food. and then you have a little bit of a buy after that when people have eaten what they have and need to buy again. we look at snowstorms and tornado events and hurricane events like this. typically over the course of that, it generally smooths out to be a pretty normal kind of 10 or 15 days once the event plays out. so i don't think there will be any huge one-time benefit primarily because, as i said, we have been a lot more fortunate than where you folks are in the devastation we're seeing up there which is gut wrenching. and it doesn't appear as though we'll have a lot of property damage or product loss. >> and, michael, in terms of lingering effects of hurricane sandy, we've been reading so much about the various railroads that are experiencing delays, the trucking lines. are there going to be any issues about dis
Oct 19, 2012 3:00pm EDT
, honeywell, all at new highs. kroger hitting a new high earlier. just off that new high. we have some winners to share with you. there is the rest of that list. >> so what is the deal here with some of these stocks moving? i think you have to just pick into those particular names. you look at kb homes and some others, you say, well, what's going on? housing has been doing a little bit better. it comes down to what we were talking about earlier. business fundamentals here. food companies as well. sort of consumer staples doing all right in this environment. some of the other companies more globally exposed, some of those technology companies. >> again, that's also fundamentals too. technology is trading off, selling off because of the fundamentals of the slowdown we're seeing. we've heard from microsoft, ibm, google, intel, a number of these companies talking about light revenue, talking about, you know, revenues that did not meet expectations. so that's where we're seeing the selling. you do have committed, real conviction in some of those names that we just showed in housing, in food, the ar
FOX Business
Oct 9, 2012 4:00pm EDT
not as much. i can go to wal-mart. go to cvs. kroger's, many, rite aid as well? >> walgreens and rite aid. liz: the cost, 39.99. you and i were talking about this. closer to $17 for health care professionals like doctors, et cetera. do you think the price will be a little prohibitive? >> liz, we studied the pricing point very carefully. we think that is an affordable price. we're not looking to replace the good work being done in public health clins or doctors offices or hospitals. this is another option for people to access hiv testing and to be able to perform the test in the comfort and privacy of their own home. liz: talk about you are international expansion. right now it is pretty much available over-the-counter here in the u.s. at some point are you working on getting onto the store shelves in africa nations which hiv is a huge issue? >> since we received fda approval on july 3rd, we've had a tremendous expression of interest from other countries around the world. we certainly intend to capitalize on those opportunities, not just for the good of the company but to present this life savi
Oct 2, 2012 1:40am PDT
at trader joe's, but the recall has cleared peanut butter aisles at kroger, whole foods, and target. investigators have traced the trouble to sunland incorporated, a peanut butter manufacturer in new mexico that sells products in grocery stores across the country. the list of recalled pea nut butter products is 101 items long and includes nut butters made with almonds, cashews, and sesame seeds. and it gets worse. companies like oregon ice cream, and fairy tale brownies which used the recalled nut butter to make cookies and baked goods they're now recalling their products too. >> people have been getting sick over the last month. and because there's often a two-week delay or so in the reporting time, we expect to hear about case for the next week or two. >> reporter: we should make clear none of this affects moms who choose jiff, skippy, or other main brands. we talked with the managers at the peanut butter company in new mexico. they told us they test their product every half hour, their peanut butter is safe and that the illnesses are a mystery. steve osunsami, abc news. >> affect
FOX Business
Oct 16, 2012 1:00pm EDT
of up to a billion dollars. >>> investors are bullish for kroger after they boosted long term epa target. the board of directors authorized a $5 million stock repurchase. >>> gap is overhauling the management lineup for the next fiscal year. consolidate, north american, international, online, outlet and merchandise division division under the its main brand. it ace plan to improve market share. the company operates in more than 3200 stores. it operated 3200 stores in more than 80 countries. that is the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper. lori: president became and governor mitt romney facing off in the second presidential debate at hofstra university in new york tonight but is it romney's to lose? some pundits say the pressure is on president obama to deliver a goldie locks style performance, not too cool as his first debate performance was and of course not too hot. critics say vice president biden in the faceoff last week. will president obama be just right? lou dobbs is here with his take. i tell you i think we're almost giving too much focus to the
FOX Business
Oct 18, 2012 9:20am EDT
chain. >> and i checkkroger, kroger wa flat. >> and all of these supermarkets get really pressed by the wal-marts and the targets and we're really in a corner there. nicole? time is money, so, here is 30 seconds is what else we're watching. and a new take on an old classic, remember the line greed is good, from wall street, from wall street, you you remember that movie? but greed and wealth are demonized in this presidential campaign. john stossel will join us. and dan calls him the un-president and he doesn't take responsibility for anything. and we'll talk to dan about that. and a history of voting for their own ruin, will they raise their own taxes to give money to jerry brown? that's a good question we'll answer in the next hour. remember, we want to hear from you on everything we talk about. is how you reach us. i've got the seven early movers and they're affecting individual stocks. better than expected profits at furniture maker ethan allen. up 14%. a gain. and gold resource cut production outlook for the year. it's down. regional bank keycorp report
FOX Business
Oct 19, 2012 1:00pm EDT
. and grocery store operator kroger will stop selling -- [inaudible] -- because of a potential food safety risk. the company says current processing method cannot reach pathogens that may reside in the seed. that is the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper. ashley: breaking news for you, oil closing for the day, take a look, loss of more than 2% today. for the week oil losing $1.81, that by the way a decline of almost 2% of course with the slowdown in the economy and the earnings going down, the need for oil would theoretically go down and that's why the price has dropped. tracy: right. okay, well ashley's talking about the corporate tax fight earlier. well, another big presidential election fight, regular tax cuts for people like you and i, and will those tax cuts boost tax revenue? elizabeth mcdonald is here. >> do you know what i love about the fight? the people who say tax cuts don't raise revenues, they will say it will reduce the deficits because it won't bring in the revenues; right? but then they will say listen, you can't study the behavioral impacts of
Oct 15, 2012 7:00am PDT
is this peanut processor in portales, new mexico. sunland, inc., sells those. they make them for target, kroger, costco, trader joe's. the afd is warning consumers not to eat any products associated with sunland and to discard them right away because they may be tainted with salmonella. this woman told our phoenix affiliate she was stricken after eating peanut butter she bought at her local grocery store. >> i had eaten peanut butter three days in a row. i just got so sick. i mean, seriously, this is a big deal. >> reporter: nearly 3 dozen people have been sickened in 19 states from coast to coast. this morning, there's concern that with so many products on the list, that number could be growing. now the entire list of products to stay away from is on the fda website. the name to look for is sunland. the challenge is that company makes peanut products used in many brands. >> that's a huge challenge, thank you, jim. for a full list go on yahoo!. >>> now, to our heartwarming story of the morning, the rescue dog duke, the hero. he saved the life of their 9-week-old baby girl
Oct 29, 2012 9:00am EDT
this weekend they were selling stock that would probably otherwise be there forever so you can restock. kroger up nicely last week in anticipation of a big rush this weekend. >> look at this note from citi. the note put out on friday detailing exposure that retailers have. most exposure to the east coast where the hurricane is going to hit. super value up 34% of stores in the northeast. you mention drugstore chain or supermarket is where people might go to stock up for preparations. you take a name like macy's. 29% exposure to the northeast. are you going to go and buy a down coat in a storm? probably not. you'll delay those purchases. what happens to those purchases? taking a look at the exposure geographically is an interesting swipe at this retail story. >> people have tried to play these things with home depot and lowe's over the years. it doesn't work. that worked before there was the internet and when there was a group of people who would get the paper the next day and see i should buy home depot and people had already bought heome depot. people said shouldn't we buy home depot as soon a
Search Results 0 to 32 of about 33 (some duplicates have been removed)